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28-Aug-2016 10:01

On Friday we showed you video of Sheryl Lee Ralph refusing to hop on Omarosa’s Sellout Express. While we noticed the realness of her comments we also noticed something else: whoo lawd she’s still looking good. Ralph attended Uniondale High School in Uniondale, New York. Earlier that year, she was crowned Miss Black Teen-age New York.While Kendall and Kylie Jenner may have grown up on reality TV, the young celebs are still typical teenagers at heart.

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Well, she did do a cameo and song performance in the motion picture “Dream Girls,” and I know that we all have our favorite “Loretta Devine movie,” that just takes us out when we hear her distinguished voice and infectious laugh.God led us to each other right at the absolute perfect time. This relationship and this love is a blessing, and I try to treat it that way.We thank God in prayer several times a day, both together and apart in prayer.So we decided to check her age and lo and behold, she’s 60 years old! After more digging, we found something else, her daughter is a snack, too.

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Vincent Hughes know exactly what it takes to make a marriage work – communication and devotion.

The Ford Amphitheatre was just recently renovated to improve the sound, lighting, and overall architecture of the venue, but I’m not sure that any designer can truly prepare for the vocals of these outstanding originators, who have demonstrated their gifts on and off stage. Some of her on-screen credits include the TV series, “Instant Mom,” “ER,” and my personal favorite, “Moesha.” #team Frank And Dee alllllll day!