Lefty dating

31-Mar-2016 18:03

If your date’s a lefty and you’re right-handed, you can hold non-dominant hands while eating dinner — or filling out paperwork. Maybe it’s because they’re living in a right-handed world, but lefties excel at thinking outside the box. Clyde Francks from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Oxford. Apparently lefties are better at learning to drive — at least in the U.Despite representing only 11 percent of the American population, about 20 per cent of Mensa‘s members are southpaws. In fact, the only non-lefty in the White House since the Cold War has been George W. (Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte were all rumored to be left-handed, too.) 6. (But if he can use your scissors, it’s because he’s adapted some ambidextrous habits. When watching movies at home on the couch, you’ll each get your own armrest — and can still share the bowl of popcorn. If your date ever ends up in a Zoolander-esque walk-off, he’ll be able to nail that left turn. Famous left-handed drivers are pretty out-of-this-world: Buzz Aldrin and Chewbacca. Fun fact: Your date can probably pick up a few groceries faster than you can. And because we know you were wondering: Lefties are better off in the bedroom.Listed below are some of the responses that we received to our question.Click here to join the Left-Handers Club FREE and receive our newsletters and member discounts & offers. For example, they can't use those those university classroom desks and they struggle with everyday devices like can openers.

They told us that the kissing would often lead to confusion and sometimes very awkward moments! It seems that many of you have been compelled to respond to this question and all of your answers were great to read. Another study proved because lefties could handle large amounts of stimuli, they’re better at playing video games. Either way, being 71 percent more satisfied in bed gives lefties the upper hand. So they have an easier time sorting through a lot of unorganized information.But, the truth is, dominant-hand bliss is actually total BS for most left-handed people.

All the “sinister” lefties I know, including myself, use both our hands almost equally.

The theory is that lefties are forced to use both sides of their brain more often. Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. Lawrence University study found that more left-handed people had IQs over 140 than their right-handed counterparts. They’re Rare Only 10-15 percent of the world is left-handed, so you’re getting a one-of-a-kind. However, I’m a righty, so this is a complete disaster.

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